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Big waste of $2. !

Doesn’t work! Their Repeated response of “watch the video”, is a big joke. Wish I had that $2 back. Only $2 but still!!

Works perfectly

Thank you! I wish all Fitbit developers would utilize the iTunes Store for watch face apps. Works perfectly Directions Simply buy app Download watch face from Fitbit gallery I removed all pre loaded photos ( my preference) Add your photos to app on phone Keep photo app on phone open Go to watch face and press on little dots to get to download option Press Download Watch will say connecting Done few minutes later One request is that you can change font color and outside temperature would be ideal

Worked easily as advertised on Ionic with iPhone

Contrary to all the negative reviews, I found it easy to use when you follow the instructions. The only reason I didn’t give it the 5 it probably deserves is that I am picky about the data I would like displayed and how it is displayed. Having greater control of the color and placement of the time display would be nice (though for the default they did as good as as one could reasonably do). Just anticipate white time numbers in the upper left when selecting and cropping your photos and it should work and look great.

Photos Don’t Save

I tried giving this app a chance with multiple attempts, but unfortunately I can’t recommend it because it doesn’t work. I was able to download the photos and see them as they were being uploaded, but right after reaching 100% and the app going back the watch’s main screen the app goes back to their three default landscape pictures with my photos erased. I get that maybe there is an issue on Fitbit’s end or maybe it’s an issue for the developers - but the developers’s responses saying it’s Fitbit’s fault isn’t an excuse if we ended up paying for an app that doesn’t work. That’s the bottom line here.


Don’t buy!!! I spent 1.99 and it showed the photos one time. The photos don’t come back. This some junk for the Fitbit. Can’t get it to work😡😡😡

It does work

Some detailed instructions would be better than a video with no talking. It might help eliminate some negative reviews.

How disappointed

First u can’t delet the other pics. Second, it doesn’t allow u to Shrink the pic to fit or ability to move frame around better. Thirdly, it doesn’t say if ur pic is confirmed to be part of the display. And to b charged 1.99?!?! Not worth it at all! I love my Fitbit and I was hoping to put motivating pics on my Fitbit. So annoyed at this app. And it’s not even showing what I thought I had chosen from my photo album! What a waste!!!!


If I could give this a zero star rating I would. I have been trying for 2 days to download pictures on to my watch but the app just shuts off. I have successfully downloaded half of my album twice only to have all my pictures deleted as soon as I close out of my app & put the watch back on. Waste of money... could not be more disappointed. I give up

Could be more user friendly

This app works as listed. I love having my photos as clock faces but it takes some work to figure out how to save them to your watch. It would be perfect if the time would change to Fitbit activity when it’s pressed as the flower watchface does. Then it would be perfect.

Works great if you follow directions

Only thing I would like is a way to change the color on the font as it disappears on some of my pictures. Just Black <-> White would be great even.

Doesn’t Work!

Save your money! This app does not function at all. Been trying to sync my photos from the App to download to my watch and nothing happens. It’s been stuck on “Connecting” for over an hour! Tried restarting my watch, my phone and still not able to download photos. You’re better off using other clock faces from the Fitbit app instead of wasting money on a useless app!

Not working

This app is not working at all. The directions are lacking and I cannot trouble shoot.

Terrible App!

Doesn’t work. Every time I’m in the download process, it crashes. The closet I’ve been was 90%.


If you follow the simple directions it works exactly as it should. Nice app for the Fitbit Ionic!

Horrible app

There is no instructions and it does not Let you add photos to Fitbit! Over an hour and nothing! Wasted money!


I paid $1.99 plus tax for an app that isn’t worth it!! Like the first review said...don’t bother

Terrible app

Doesn’t work with Fitbit Ionic Watch at all. Waste of $1.99. Just stick with the faces that come preloaded or are updated with any smart watch you’re using.

Please improve

First of all this is just constructive criticism not meant to be mean . 1 the ability to move the picture into the adjustable frame is awful you can’t go to on side or the other it bounces back . 2 you can’t shrink picture to fit screen, that should have been an obvious one . 3 the time is so annoying stuck up at the top of the screen and the tiny x in the left 😖 There are a few other things but there trivial compared to these, they should be fixed ! Seriously annoying! Especially since it’s not free !

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